Introducing the RAML MVP Program

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Communities are the backbone of every open-source technology. In fact, the RAML community made RAML what it is today. The time people spend to help on the specification and building tools cannot be valued, especially that most of you do that on their free will.

For all of you who helped so far evangelizing RAML by writing blogs, doing talks, promoting it in your company, or by developing tools; and for all of you who want to continue, or plan, to accompany us on our journey we’ve built a program designed to get you closer and more involved with the RAML community than ever. With the RAML MVP program, you can share best practices, network with RAML user around the world, or just have fun by taking on different challenges. We’re thankful to have such an awesome community and created this as a way to not only showcase all the hard work that you do but to help you grow and develop your RAML skills.

If you haven’t done that yet, please join the MVP program here, and once you join, you will be guided through fun and educational challenges based on your skill level with RAML such as creating a project on GitHub or making a tutorial video. You can earn badges like “GitHub Guru” and “Open Source Sourcerer,” and redeem your points for cool rewards such as an ““Every Day I’m RAMLing” t-shirt or a chance to be featured on the blog

The points you earn also give you the chance to get recognized via a global leaderboard. Best of all, joining the program is 100% free.

We hope to see and hear from you soon.

The RAML Workgroup