Welcome Jerome Louvel to the RAML Workgroup

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We are happy to welcome our new member for the RAML Workgroup - Jerome Louvel.

Jerome is the Founder, CTO and VP of Products of Restlet and an expert in REST APIs. He was trained as an engineer in computer science and management, graduate of Polytech’Montpellier.

After working several years in IT consulting and for a software startup in the US, he started the open source Restlet Framework project back in 2004, as the first REST API framework. More recently, he has created Restlet Platform, a API-first PaaS for DevOps teams that includes Restlet Studio module, the first cross-language visual API designer and Restlet Cloud module for data-driven APIs creation and deployment. He also managed the acquisition of an API testing tool available as a Chrome Extension and its integration within Restlet Platform as the Restlet Client module.

Jerome is also an editor for InfoQ on web APIs and was part of the Java Community Process experts group who defined the JAX-RS 1.0 API. He co-authored the ‘Restlet in Action’ book (Manning) and contributed to the ‘RESTful Web Services’ book (O’Reilly) as well.

Please join me in welcoming Jerome!

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