RAML was developed and is supported by a group of technology leaders dedicated to building an open, simple and succinct spec for describing APIs to help further unlock the potential of the API economy. RAML Contributors provides ongoing contributions to both the RAML spec and a growing ecosystem of tools designed to make API-first design simple and API consumption frictionless.

  • Aldo Bucchi
  • Rob Daigneau
  • Nial Darbey
  • Kevin Duffey
  • Damian Martinez Gelabert
  • Tony Gullotta
  • Misko Hevery
  • Ivan Lazarov
  • Jerome Louvel
  • John Musser
  • Pavel Petrochenko
  • Mike Ralphson
  • Peter Rexer
  • Uri Sarid
  • Jonathan Stoikovitch
  • Jaideep Subedar
  • Santiago Vacas
  • Christian Vogel

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