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RAML was designed to make your life easier by giving you power over the full API Lifecycle by letting you design, build, test, document, and share your REST API with a single source of truth and a large open source community.

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Design Your API

What if, in less than 5 minutes you could build out your whole API and see exactly what it looks like, and even test it out? RAML lets you use a human readable format, instead of writing code, which means that after you design it - anyone in QA, technical writing, or even your CEO can make documentation changes without breaking a thing. The best part is, RAML was made for developers and incorporates important design best practices like modeling, patterns, templating, and code reuse.

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Build Your API

Once you’ve designed your API, you can import the RAML file into numerous tools to generate the API in your language of choice. For larger integration projects, you can even use some of the most popular integration and API frameworks to build out your API. Of course, you don’t have to use a server code generator at all - you can still build your API from scratch.

And since RAML lets you generate a mock of the entire API in literally milliseconds you can now develop API dependent apps and devices in parallel and launch faster in market.

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Test Your API

Who doesn’t love writing hours worth of unit tests… that end up being copy and pasted code over and over again? What if you could generate a majority of your tests just by running a quick script?

Another great thing about RAML is that it is backed by a huge community and has hundreds of scripts and tools available to generate your unit tests for you. You’ll also find projects and services that perform additional, extensive tests on your API, ensuring your API is ready to go before it ever hits production.

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Document Your REST API

With RAML - you can say goodbye to having to write extensive documentation, documentation testing, and struggling to keep your docs in sync. RAML is an API description language - meaning your API is already being described, and it was designed with documentation in mind.

You can easily add markdown to your resource and method descriptions, or take advantage of the documentation property of RAML to quickly and effortlessly generate all of your documentation using one of the many freely available, and customizable, tools with just the click of a button. RAML lets you focus on writing code, not documentation.

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Do more with less

Instead of having to struggle and do things in-house, RAML aims to let you do more with less - meaning a faster time to market for your company - and more time to focus on coding for you.

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