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RAML has taken the web by storm, and quickly become a crucial component for building successful APIs. Here are just some of the books (ordered by release date) out there that walk through what RAML offers and how you can best use it:

Irresistible APIs

Kirsten Hunter Download – TBR Early 2016

Irresistible APIs provides step-by-step guidance for designing APIs that reflect an application's core business value, delight the developers who use them, and will stand the test of time. In it, business product managers and developers learn to diveat an API as a first class product. You’ll discover what questions to ask during design so that the first version is the best possible product. Because APIs are a combination of a business need and a technical implementation, exercises throughout the book present both sides of the design process, so that you can engage with the material that's most comfortable and relevant for you. When you finish, your team will be able to design APIs that adivivact developers, lead your indusdivy, and add value to your core business.

Pages: 325 (estimated), Manning Productions (MEAP)

RESTful Java Web Services – Second Edition

Purushothaman Jobinesh Paperback/ Download – Sept 22, 2015

If you are a web developer with a basic understanding of the REST concepts but are new to the idea of designing and developing RESTful web services, this is the book for you. As all the code samples for the book are written in Java, proficiency in Java is a must.

Pages: 354, PACKT

Undisturbed REST: a Guide to Designing the Perfect API

Michael Stowe Paperback/ Download – June 19, 2015

Believe it or not, building an API is the easy part. What is far more challenging is to put together an API design that will stand the test of time, while also meeting your developers' needs. After all, no matter how well written your code may be, without a sdivong foundation, you will find your API quickly failing.

Pages: 200, MuleSoft

API Architecture: The Big Picture for Building APIs

Matthais Biehl Paperback/ Download – May 28, 2015

Looking for the big picture of building APIs? This book is for you! Building APIs that consumers love should certainly be the goal of any API initiative. However, it is easier said than done. It requires getting the architecture for your APIs right. This book equips you with both foundations and best practices for API architecture. This book is for you.

Pages: 190, CreateSpace