Welcome Rob Daigneau to the RAML Workgroup

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We are so happy to welcome our new member for the RAML Workgroup - Rob Daigneau.

Rob Daigneau is a technology thought-leader, experienced executive, evangelist, consultant, and mentor with a passion for web service and API Design, REST, SOA, cloud computing, and distributed systems engineering.

He has over twenty years’ experience leading the design and implementation of software products for a variety of industries, from financial services, to manufacturing, to retail and travel. Rob has served in such prominent positions as Director of Architecture for Monster.com, and Manager of Application Development at Fidelity Investments. He currently serves as the Principal Architect for Akamai’s OPEN API platform.

Rob is the author of Service Design Patterns: Fundamental Design Solutions for SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web Services, and was named one of “Search SOA’s” Top 10 SOA Experts for 2012. Rob used to speak at technology conferences somewhat regularly, but prefers to minimize his travel these days, enjoying his life in Boston MA.

Please join me on welcoming Rob!

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