This policy is intended to clarify our expectations about the use of the RAML trademarks and logos by members of the RAML development and user community.
What is RAML? RAML is a development language designed to describe APIs in a clear way, encourage good API design, and capture API patterns with a goal towards reusability and merit-based promulgation of best-practices. The RAML Parser is a parser for the RAML language that is made available under an Apache License, Version 2.0 ("License"). (See our download page at To better understand this policy, keep in mind that RAML is a programming language, as well as a parser that processes software written in that language.
Why Have a Branding Policy? Branding protects not only those using the brands, but the entire community as well. Our community members need to know that they can rely on the quality represented by our brand. We also want to provide a level playing field. No one should use the RAML brands in ways that mislead or take advantage of the community, or make unfair use of the brand.
Our Open Source License. The Apache 2.0 license gives you the right to use, copy, distribute and modify the RAML language parser software. However, open source licenses like our license do not grant you any right to use our trademarks. The RAML trademarks and brands need to be used in a way consistent with trademark law, and that is why we have prepared this policy - to help you understand what branding is allowed or required when using our software.
The Language. The RAML language can be used freely without a license; in other words, you can describe APIs in RAML without restriction. The documentation for RAML is provided under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. This license allows you to freely redistribute the documentation. However, if you modify the documentation to create a non-standard version of RAML, you need to be careful not to misrepresent your version as RAML. Any change to the documentation would compromise what RAML is. Therefore, if you make such a change, you must remove all branding and not refer to RAML in any way.
What You Can Do. We want to encourage a robust, open community for the RAML initiative. Therefore, you may do any of the following, as long as you do so in a way that does not devalue or disparage the RAML brand. In other words, when you do these things, you should behave responsibly and reasonably in the interest of the community, but you do not need a trademark license from us to do them.
You may create RAML user or development groups, and publicize meetings or discussions for those groups. If you redistribute binaries that you have downloaded from the RAML repository, you should retain the logos and name of the product. However, if you make any changes to the binaries for the parser (other than configuration or installation changes that do not involve changes to the source code), or if you re-build binaries from our source code, you should not use our logos in any other way. Our logos represent our quality control, so they should be retained where the product has been built by us, but not otherwise.